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Laborers PipelineIn the spirit of labor-management cooperation, the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA) and the Pipeline Contractors Association established the Laborers-Employers Benefit Plan Collection Trust (LEBPCT) in 1994 to solve a problem of mutual concern that was discouraging the maintenance and growth of employee fringe benefit programs in the pipeline industry.  The problem was the multiplicity and complexity of benefit contribution and reporting obligations for laborers covered by various benefit plans around the United States.  The problem was particularly difficult because of the number of laborers working outside of the jurisdiction of their home benefit plans and local unions.

LEBPCT has solved this problem by providing a central collection agency through which all of a participating employer's multiple contribution, deduction and reporting obligations under collective bargaining agreements can be satisfied with one payment and one report form.  The employers benefit by avoiding the cost and confusion associated with multiple contribution and deduction payments and reports.   Laborers benefit by the continued maintenance and growth of benefit programs like pension and health plans, as well as by improvements in the receipt and crediting of contributions for them by the proper plans.

LEBPCT's success and popularity among employers and laborers has caused the Board of Trustees to make participating in the Trust available to employers in other industries covered by other national agreements with LIUNA.

LEBPCT is a non-profit, Section 501(c)(5) tax-exempt, labor-management cooperation organization established in accordance with Section 302(c)(9) of the Labor Management Relations ("Taft-Hartley") Act and with the Labor Management Cooperation Act.



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